Youth Group & Private Lessons

Youth Group & Private Lessons

Youth Group Swim Lessons

Encourage your little one to enjoy a workout in the water! Sign up at the Front Desk for our next session of Group Swim Lessons!

Swim Lessons Guidelines

The age guidelines for swimming lesson are APPROXIMATE only! Please read the objects and graduation requirements for the levels under the one you are thinking about to be sure you are placing your child in the best aquatics class for them!

No refund or make-ups provided for missed classes. Refunds will not be issued after the first class date.

Parent Tot, Ages Six months to 2.5 years

This class is designed to provide parents with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely introduce water skills to children ages six months to 2.5 years old. Through games, songs, and activities, the instructor will work through a progression of water skills. As the child becomes comfortable with one skill, a next level will be introduced. The instructor will lead the course, while a parent works individually with their child. The instructor will assist the parent/guardian with various holds to help with body position for independent swimming as they age.

Pre School, Ages Three To Five

Students in the Preschool Class will work independently in the water with an instructor. This is most often the first swim lesson for swimmers. Students will work on putting their face in the water, going under the water comfortably and blowing bubbles. Students will also be introduced to front and back float, with the assistance of the instructor as well as kicking their legs properly in the water. Preschool classes are kept at a number of four swimmers to one instructor ratio for safety and to maximize instruction time.

Level One, Ages Four To Six

This aquatics level is designed for children who are comfortable and confident in the water without the aid of any flotation device. This level focuses on proper movements of arms and legs with the assistance of an instructor as well as progressing to independent swimming. Children will also work on independently floating. Certain skills include independent glide, independent glide and kick, bubble games to develop air control.

Level Two, Ages 4.5 And Up

This level is designed for children who are independently swimming. Swimmers will work on proper arm and leg motions in order to produce forward motion, while comfortably having their face looking down. Swimmers will work on blowing bubbles while swimming front crawl/freestyle in order to increase distance as well as working on side-breathing. Backstroke will also be introduced to swimmers.

Private And Semi Private Lessons

Private Swim Instruction is also available for ages 2.5 years and up, regardless of swim abilities. Private swim lessons are for families needing more individualized instruction for those just learning to swim or for advanced swimmers interested to improve particular skills. Private swim lessons offer more flexibility for scheduling and instructors are selected based on your availability. These lessons are designed to provide the participant with one-on-one teaching in order to maximize instruction and meet the goals of each individual swimmers. Lessons are scheduled directly with the participant and the instructor at a time that is convenient for both.


A private lesson package includes three hours of total instruction, most likely split up as six (:30) minute lessons. In order to move forward with private swim lessons, please stop by the Front Desk to complete our Private Swim Lesson interest form. Once an instructor has been assigned, our Aquatics Director will contact you for payment and to begin scheduling.


We also allow for semi-private swim lessons, for groups of two to three swimmers. Additional costs do apply for these lessons. Scheduling for semi-private lessons will be completed with one party in the group and the instructor.


Member $120

Non Member $150

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