At Midlothian Athletic Club, we offer strength training and aerobic exercises that will get your body into peak condition. When it comes to ‘land’ classes, we offer many different classes in two varying forms. For those who want to get in a good, strengthening exercise class, then you’ll be able to find one below that will do just the trick to give you the body you want. Whether you’re looking to do high interval training or lower impact classes, we have a full list below of aerobic exercises and strength training to get you in the best shape possible.


We offer two formats of classes. We have the freestyle format which is created by the instructor. We also have the Les Mills programs. Les Mills is a variety of choreographed exercises that are to music. These classes are group fitness oriented and include classes such as BodyPump™, BodyCombat™, and more. These classes are targeted to create a more fit population with exercises that are strengthening and will work your body hard. Les Mills was created by a track and field athletes from New Zealand who has competed in the Olympics, so you know the workout will be fulfilling and leave you thoroughly invigorated and exhilarated.


Below you’ll find the classes we offer. From Zumba to HIIT 30 are the free style classes. From BodyPump™ to BodyAttack™ are Les Mills programs. The last three classes are pop up classes for special occasions. If you have any questions about the classes we teach, then take the time to contact us or try out a class that sounds interesting by viewing the class schedule at the bottom of the page.innerpage_banner-land


The Freestyle Classes:

  • Zumba: Dance your heart out in this aerobic class that features moves from various Latin American dance styles to exhilarating dance music.
  • Cardio+Sculpt: This workout is for those who enjoy cardio and interval training. You’ll do short bursts of exercises that start at 30 and go down to 10. These classes can be fun for those who want to try interval training.
  • Boot Camp: Boot camp will work your whole body. It’s a whole class of strength training and fitness building through group intervals of intense workouts. You’ll work with weights and do cardio exercises.
  • Butts And Guts And More: You guessed it if you thought this aerobic class would be working your butts and guts. This class is very popular because it works out the two body parts that many people want to focus on. You’ll do workouts that focus primarily on your stomach and glutes by toning and strengthening them. This includes exercises like planks, lunges, squats, crunches, and more.
  • Low Impact Aerobics: This aerobics exercise class is not as difficult on the joints as other workouts might be. You’ll work on getting your heart pumping, but won’t put as much strain on your limbs.
  • Low Impact Gentle: This class is perfect for those who are looking for low impact exercises and are just starting to workout. You’ll experience strengthening, toning, increasing your flexibility, and improving your balance with exercises that are low impact.
  • Strength for Seniors: Don’t worry if you love to exercise and are on the older side, this aerobic class is geared to help strengthen the bodies of people who are over 65 years of age. With resistance training and other exercises to strengthen your body, this is the perfect workout for Seniors.
  • Barre: Barre is a combination of exercises that work your whole body with small isometric strength training routines. You’ll work on a bar and do multiple reps of movements that range in small motions.
  • Athletic Intervals: This aerobics class is for those who want to improve the physiology of the body. It is a combination of exercises that are interval training based, are cardio based, and will work your heart to decrease disease.
  • HIIT 30: If you enjoy high intensity intervals to burn fat, and increase your endurance, then this class is perfect. You’ll do high impact, strenuous, and long routines to improve your strength. If you’re beginning to exercise, check with the instructor to make sure this is the right class for you.
  • TBS: Total Body Sculpt, all level class with features resistance work to challenge all major muscle groups.

The Les Mills Classes:

  • Body Pump™: This Les Mills class will work your major muscles with exercises with weights, high repetition with low weights, and other breakthrough fitness training exercises.
  • Body Combat™: This class is more high-energy inspired with martial arts integrated into the class. You’ll burn calories by innerpage_smallpic_landclass1punching and kicking your way with moves from boxing, taekwondo, and karate.
  • CXWORX™: If you want to exercise your core, then this is the class for you. You’ll go through a series of core exercises with tools such as resistance tubes, weights, and activities that involve your body weight.
  • BodyFlow™: This exercise is very similar to yoga and pilates. You’ll build on flexibility, strength while controlling your breathing. Also, you’ll stretch your body and bring a harmony and balance to your routine.
  • BodyStep™: If you’re looking for a good class to start with for Les Mills aerobics, then this class is perfect. By doing simple movements and steps while using a cardio block, you’ll burn fat and tone your body.
  • RPM™: If you love indoor spinning, then RPM™ is the Les Mills version of spin classes. You’ll work on a bike while controlling the intensity of the bike to hit your peak cardio numbers. You’ll work on endurance and pace yourself while doing cardio fitness.
  • BodyAttack™: This is an aerobic class that focuses on cardio routines. It’s a group exercise class that is driven by sports movements.

The Pop up Classes:

  • Sh’Bam™: This pop up class is a fun way to get in shape because of the focus on dancing. You’ll invigorate your body with the hottest dance moves.
  • BodyJam™: This is a cardio workout while enjoying doing dance moves. It’s a fusion of the latest dances while moving your body to the trendiest music.
  • Piloxing and Pound®: This is a pop up fusion class that involves blending dance, boxing, and Pilates. You’ll push your body to the limit with this class.
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