At Midlothian Athletic Club, we offer spin classes that will leave you ready to tackle your day. Our spin classes are perfect for those who really want to get into shape and want an exercise that will burn calories in a fun fashion. When you leave this workout class, you’ll feel healthier, stronger, renewed, and probably a little bit sore.

innerpage_banner-spinningWe value Spinning® at our health club, which is why we are officially a licensed Spinning® facility. This means when you come to take our classes the majority of our instructors are certified by the Spinning® program. They are certified and instruct based on the core principles of the Spinning® program. Those core principles will help to strengthen, tone, and get your body in peak shape. The spin classes at Midlothian Athletic Club are workouts that will be very influential in your exercise regimen. Once the class is over, you’ll leave feeling invigorated. We pride our health club on having spin classes that will help shape your body.


Our MAC Cycle classes are freestyle classes that are taught by an instructor who is certified by an organization that is separate from Mad Dogg. Our instructors who teach the spin classes are experienced, delightful, and driven individuals who will help you work hard during your workout to ensure you exert your entire body. A spin class is a cardiovascular workout. You’ll be on a stationary bike, but if you’ve never done it before, don’t think it’s so easy because you’re on a bike that doesn’t move.


You’ll be doing butt-kicking workouts that include increasing the resistance on your bike, going at a fast speed, and doing kickbacks, to name a few of the exercises you can look forward to. Essentially, you’ll be riding on a bike for a full workout by treating it like you’re outside on a bike. You’ll have to go through different hoops and listen to the teacher carefully to ensure you’re getting a great, sweaty workout in.innerpage_smallpic-smallspin


Spinning® is a great way to get in a workout that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and energized. By concentrating on endurance, intervals, high intensity, recovery, and strength all while on a stationary bike, you’ll endure a ride that’s enjoyable while still being difficult. If you like cycling, but you’re not a fan of doing it outside, then spin classes might be the answer. Spinning® is a great way to burn calories, work your body, and do resistance training.


You’ll notice each week as you go back for more and more that your body becomes stronger, your endurance becomes better, and you’ll be doing a workout that continuously kicks your butt. This high intensity workout is the perfect way to lose weight and shape your muscles. Spinning® is not an easy class; however, it is one that will get easier with time. If you’re interested in cardio exercises that are invigorating and taught by professionals, then these freestyle spin classes are just the way for you to enjoy working out in the best way.

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