Cross Training For Endurance Athletes

Are you training for an endurance sport? Whether you’re racing the IronMan, running an ultramarathon, training to run 26.2, or even running a 5k or 10k, this class will help you stay sharp and perform at your highest level to reach your goals.  Submit the form below & register before the class fills!

Class descriptions:endurance2

  • Agility & Plyometrics:
    • Mondays, 6-7pm, basketball court
    • Improve mobility, improve running form and ground contact time, improve muscular power, improve speed, improve stability and running efficiency, exert less energy at hardest intensity
  • Strength:
    • Tuesdays,6-7pm, GX2
    • Fridays, 6-7pm, GX2
    • Build all over strength, protect joints, limit muscle imbalances, generate maximum muscle power, maintain and stabilize proper form, improve running efficiency
  • Strength & Conditioning:
    • Wednesdays, 6-7pm, basketball court
    • Combines portions of each class
  • Core & Balance:
    • Thursdays, 6-7pm GX2
    • Train to keep posture and form during long and hard runs, improve stability and running economy, help keep proper pelvis alignment, limit muscle imbalances, prevent overuse of muscle, improve and strengthen running mechanics and efficiency

Summary: Classes will improve running efficiency, limit muscle imbalances, protect joints, improve cardiovascular system and build stronger muscles to be more resilient to high demands of training. Classes are open to participants ages 16 years and older.  Classes run from 6-7pm.

Packages: purchase of packages is available at the MAC front desk
(1x/week) 4x month: $80/month
(2x/ week) 8x month: $160/month
(3x/week) 12x month: $240/ month
Day pass: $25
4x month: $100
8x month: $200
12x month: $300
Day Pass: $30

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