Poseidon Swimming–MAC Location

Poseidon Swimming–MAC Location

Poseidon Swimming is an outstanding, competitive year-round swim program that offers professional instruction for student athletes of all ages, abilities and levels of interest.  Poseidon Swimming and MAC have teamed up to offer practice groups for swimmers of all ages.  The practice times for these groups are found HERE.  Swimmers interested in joining Poseidon at MAC are invited to attend an evaluation session.  At this session, the coaches will individually evaluate each swimmer in order to place the athlete in the practice group that matches his or his age and ability. Call the Poseidon office at 804 330 2222 ext 309 to schedule a convenient date and time for an evaluation.

Visit the Poseidon Website today for more information on joining the POSEIDON at MAC Family! http://www.poseidonswimming.com
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For any questions, please get in touch.

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