MAC Swim Clinics

MAC Swim Clinics

In addition to offering private and semi-private swimming lessons, MAC offers swim clinics for youth ages 5-18.  These swim clinics are a great opportunity to prepare for high school swim team, summer swim team, or maintain endurance and skills through the fall, winter and spring seasons.

All swimmers for the 10 & under clinics must be able to complete at least 25 yards of freestyle and 25 yards of backstroke. Swimmers participating in our older clinics must be able to swim at least 25 yards in all four competitive strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly).

Please note: clinics are not swimming lessons, but just a great way to improve skills and endurance.  Coaches may or may not be in the water with the swimmers, but will strive to give each swimmer personalized attention throughout each clinic.

If the pool is closed due to inclement weather, every effort will be made to schedule a make-up session.  There will be no refunds for missed practices due to swimmer illness, vacation, etc.

Space is limited, so be sure to register early.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, no swim clinics are  currently scheduled.


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