How To Get Healthy This Fall

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Now that fall is finally upon us, it’s time to start thinking about alternative workouts. We don’t know about you, but we love this season because we get to mix up our usual routine. If you enjoy running outside, playing tennis on the courts, or basically doing anything outdoors, then this is the time of the year to start thinking about alternatives to your usual workout. While being outside is beautiful with the foliage, we all know that winter is headed toward us soon and we need to prepare health-wise. While it may be easy to just skip workouts and just indulge in the sweet treats of this time of the year, it’s important to continue staying healthy and working out. At Midlothian Athletic Club in Richmond, VA, we strive to offer a diverse variety of workouts that anyone can enjoy no matter the age or interests.

CTAHow You Can Get In Shape This Fall

Fall is a beautiful time of the year. There’s no doubt about it, especially in Richmond. However, it’s also an easy time to start getting out of shape. With coworkers bringing in sweet treats, Halloween candy abound, and the looming Thanksgiving dinner ahead, it’s easy to pay more attention to food and less attention to exercising. To help you and your family stay in shape as we head into the holiday season, take some of these suggestions into consideration to ensure you don’t gain any winter weight. While you may want to slack on your fitness regimen, you’ll be happy later on that you didn’t once you’re closer to swimsuit season.

Purchase A Gym Membership

The first way you can get in shape this autumn is with the obvious — purchase a gym membership. At Midlothian Athletic Club, we have three different memberships you can purchase. We have the individual for the single person. The couple for two people and the family, so your whole family can get in shape. With a gym membership, you have access to youth activities, group exercising, the aquatics department, any of our sports, and the ability to set up a session with a personal trainer. A gym membership is a great way to start off the fall season because you can sign up for classes with experts who will work every area of your body or you can do other activities such as aquatics or yoga. Regardless of what you want to do, our gym memberships give you access to workouts instead of sitting around the house wishing it wasn’t so gloomy outside. Now, you don’t have an excuse not to exercise.

Stock Up On Healthy Food

Getting healthy isn’t only about exercising it’s also about eating healthy. As delicious as those cheesecake brownies your co-worker brought in my look, it’s important that you find a good balance of healthy food instead of eating only ones heavy in saturated fats. A good way to stock up on healthy food is to focus on foods that are not processed and that don’t have an abundance of sodium and sugar. You’ll want to eat foods that are mainly vegetables, fruit, meats, and a little bit of dairy. While every body is different and should be treated differently, to make eating healthy easier for you, focus on simple meals, so you don’t reach for that bag of chips because it’s available.

Set Goals

Now that you have about six months to work on your body without feeling self-conscious in bathing suits and such, it’s time to start setting goals for yourself. If you’re not at your ideal weight, then use this time to set a goal for next summer with smaller weekly goals to help you get there. If you’re already at your ideal body type, then figure out another type of goal you want to set for yourself. For instance, do you want to go to the gym more? Do you want to focus on lifting heavier weight? Or do you want to try out a different class for your workout? Whatever you want to do for your goals, make sure they are simple and easily attainable. If you want to lose five pounds, then figure out a way to do that to help you get toward your ideal body. If you want to step out of your comfort zone for working out, then sign up for a class you think you’ll like.

Remember when you want to get in shape that moderation and having fun is key. If you choose an activity you hate, then you’ll never workout. If you don’t moderate the number of sweets you eat, then you’ll never meet your weight loss goals. For more information on working out, becoming a better version of yourself, and everything you need to know about Midlothian Athletic Club, stay tuned for our next blog.

author: Jeff E


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