At Midlothian Athletic Club, we offer approximately 80 group exercise classes per week, and many of those are considered “land.” Land classes take place on land in GX1, the basketball court, or even outside! We offer a variety of classes which focus on strength training, cardiovascular training, or a combination of both.  We also offer classes specifically designed for active agers.  Some of our classes are “freestyle,” which means the instructor designs the class and selects the music.  Other classes are designed by international fitness leaders like Les Mills’ International and Zumba and presented by certified instructors.



The Freestyle Classes:

  • Zumba: Dance your heart out in this aerobic class that features moves from various Latin American dance styles to exhilarating dance music.
  • Aeromix: This traditional aerobics exercise class is not as difficult on the joints as other workouts might be. You’ll work on getting your heart pumping, but won’t put as much strain on your joints.
  • Active Agers: This class is perfect for those who are looking for low impact exercises and are just starting to workout. You’ll experience strengthening, toning, increasing your flexibility, and improving your balance with exercises that are low impact.
  • Barre: Barre is a combination of exercises that work your whole body with small isometric strength training routines. You’ll work on a bar and do multiple reps of movements that range in small motions.
  • Athletic Intervals: This class is for those who want to improve the overall physiology of the body. It is a combination of exercises that are interval training based and provides a mix of cardiovascular and strength challenges.
  • Solid Strength: An all level strength class which features resistance work to challenge all major muscle groups.
  • Butts and Guts: All level strength class with features resistance work to challenge the trunk of the body, shoulders to hips, 360 degrees around the rib cage.

The Les Mills Classes:

  • Body Pump™: This Les Mills class will work your major muscles with exercises with weights, high repetition with low weights, and other breakthrough fitness training exercises.
  • Body Combat™: This class is more high-energy inspired with martial arts integrated into the class. You’ll burn calories by innerpage_smallpic_landclass1punching and kicking your way with moves from boxing, taekwondo, and karate.
  • CXWORX™: If you want to exercise your core, then this is the class for you. You’ll go through a series of core exercises with tools such as resistance tubes, weights, and activities that involve your body weight.
  • BodyFlow™: This exercise is very similar to yoga and pilates. You’ll build on flexibility, strength while controlling your breathing. Also, you’ll stretch your body and bring a harmony and balance to your routine.
  • BodyAttack™: This is an aerobic class that focuses on cardio routines. It’s a group exercise class that is driven by sports movements.
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