If you enjoy low-impact exercises, then our aquatics aerobic exercise classes are perfect for you. Low-impact exercise is a type of physical activity that doesn’t put a lot of strain on your joints. It’s exercising that reduces your chances of injury and is less hard on your body, unlike high-impact exercises that put more stress on your muscles and joints. Essentially, with high-impact exercises, your body is pounding against the ground and you’ll be involved in a lot of jumping and aerobics, which can cause injury easily. If you’re on the older side or if you have bad joints, then low-impact exercises are a better option for your body.


Swimming is the perfect option for someone who wants to strengthen their whole body and not participate in activities that involve jumping and running. Swimming helps to manage weight, reduce stress levels, and it’s a low-impact exercise that will strengthen the muscles. Swimming also is cardio focused while still toning your muscles and developing your respiratory fitness while burning a lot of calories. You won’t have to put much strain on your joints and you will strengthen your whole body without having to worry about injury or not working an area of your body.


At Midlothian Athletic Club, we offer a variety of swimming classes you can enjoy. We pride our Richmond facility on offering a wide selection of aquatics aerobic exercises and other activities to help strengthen your swim skills as well as your body. Our aquatics department includes the below classes. If you’re interested in signing up for swimming classes at Midlothian Athletic Club, then contact us today.


  • Water In Motion™: This exercise is a new aquatics class for people who love swimming. If you’re an aqua enthusiast, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised with this class. This aquatics class sets an unparalleled fitness program that is focused on quality exercises. When you come to this class, you will engage in low impact exercises that are great for all ages and skill levels. You’ll do cardiovascular exercises that will tighten and tone the body to fun music. All Levels
  • Aqua Zumba: If you’re a fan of Zumba on land, then you’ll love this aquatics version. Make a splash with low-impact and a high-energy aquatics fitness class. You’ll move your body to fun, hip beats as you let your joints loosen up and allow the water to create natural resistance to work your body harder than a normal Zumba class. All Levels
  • Deep Water Aerobics: This low-impact exercise is great on the joints and the cardiovascular system. You wear a flotation belt to support you in the deep water while doing an aerobic routine while staying afloat. If you want a deep muscle exercise, then this aquatics class is perfect. All Levels
  • H2O Aerobics: Water aerobics isn’t just for older women and men anymore. Traditional water aerobics help to gain muscle is cardiovascular heavy with creating endurance and you’ll have water resistant, so it’s a little more difficult. In addition, there’s aerobic choreography to get your heart rate up. By using aquatic equipment and a variety of fitness routines, you’ll get your heart pumping and focus on suspension work. All Levels
  • H2O Intervals: 60 minutes of water aerobics that focuses on high intensity interval training without the impact of a land workout. Train using the resistance of the water and other water weights to help strengthen, tone and challenge your fitness! All Levels
  • H2O Freestyle: 60 minutes of CONTINUOUS cardio exercise with the intensity of a land workout! Strengthen yourself with this aerobic workout utilizing the best resistance: WATER. Get the blood flowing and enjoy grooving to nonstop music in this class for ALL AGES! All Levels
  • Water Aerobics Gentle: If you want a more gentle workout on your joints, muscles, and bones, then this gentle aquatics class is a good balance of flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance, as well as working on your stability. What’s great about this class is you don’t have to strain yourself and it’s movement that doesn’t cause discomfort. All Levels
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