If you enjoy low-impact exercises, then our aquatics classes are perfect for you. Low-impact exercise is a type of physical activity that doesn’t put a lot of strain or impact on your joints. It’s exercising that reduces your chances of injury and is therapeutic for your body. In aqua classes, the water acts as constant resistance on your body and trains your body with no stress or impact. Water exercises also help participants challenge their flexibility and range of motion.

  • Aqua Zumba: If you’re a fan of Zumba on land, then you’ll love this aquatics version. Make a splash with low-impact and a high-energy aquatics fitness class. You’ll move your body to fun, hip beats as you let your joints loosen up and allow the water to create natural resistance to work your body harder than a normal Zumba class. All Levels
  • Deep Water Aerobics: This low-impact exercise is great on the joints and the cardiovascular system. You wear a flotation belt to support you in the deep water while doing an aerobic routine while staying afloat. If you want a deep muscle exercise, then this aquatics class is perfect. All Levels
  • H2O Freestyle: 60 minutes of CONTINUOUS cardio, strength  and mobility exercise with the intensity of a land workout! Strengthen yourself with this aerobic workout utilizing the best resistance: WATER. Get the blood flowing and enjoy grooving to nonstop music in this class for ALL AGES! All Levels
  • Aquatone: Low impact, high cardio class that incorporates abdominal and upper body strength and toning moves throughout the entire class, with the assistance of hand buoys, noodles and kickboards. Though the focus is on abs and arms, it provides an intense cardio workout. All levels
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