Cross Training For Endurance Athletes

Cross Training For Endurance Athletes

Are you constantly getting injured or unsure of what to do when strength training? Whether you are an advanced or beginner endurance athlete, training for a marathon, iron man, 5k or 10k, this program will help prevent injuries and help you perform at your highest level. This program will improve form, limit muscle imbalances, and build stronger muscles to be more resilient in your training.  All training sessions will incorporate agility and plyometrics, strength and conditioning, and core and balance.

  • Mondays, 6-7pm, basketball court
  • Wednesdays, 6-7pm, basketball court
  • Fridays, 6-7pm, GX2

Participants, please reply in advance if you plan to participate in training! This way, the trainer may be prepared properly for the number of participants.  There are multiple ways to reply, contact Rebekah directly at rebekah@macrichmond.com, reply to the online inquiry at the bottom of this page, or complete the form at the front desk.  Make sure to indicate which days you plan to attend.

Group Class Packages, Cross Training For Endurance Athletes

Purchase of packages is available at the MAC front desk.


(1x/week) 4x month: $80/month
(2x/ week) 8x month: $160/month
(3x/week) 12x month: $240/ month
Day pass: $25


4x month: $100
8x month: $200
12x month: $300
Day pass: $30

Customized Training

With customized training, you will first be tested on a variety fitness metrics.  Then, the coach will train you according to your specific strengths and weaknesses. Training sessions are one hour.

Customized Training Packages

The pricing schedule for customized, individual training is below. Purchase a package now, and receive a complimentary assessment!

10 sessions $700
20 sessions $1400 (+2 sessions free)
One Performance Assessment: $70

Contact Information

For questions or scheduling regarding the group or customized programs:
Coach: Rebekah Feliz
Please include Name, Favorite Racing Distance, Phone Number, and Training Goals.
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