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MAC offers access to a variety of recreational and competitive sports. From tennis, basketball and racquetball courts to outdoor sports facilities, our club and staff cater to all levels of athletes, beginner to experienced, youth to adult.

At MAC, we offer a variety of sports members and their guests may enjoy for fun, fitness, and competition. Our members enjoy playing a quick game of basketball or racquetball with their friends and fellow members. It is also fun and healthy to try a new sport or activity such as pickleball or table tennis. The best way to stay healthy and get in shape is by picking an activity that you enjoy doing, and do it!

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MAC offers one, indoor, college-dimension basketball court for member use. Members may use the court at their leisure outside of scheduled activities like group exercise classes, birthday parties, pickleball and pick up basketball games. MAC does offer basketballs for member use; members may check them out from the front desk at no cost.

Update: May  2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lack of clarity around government mandates, there are no scheduled pick up basketball games.  Members may use the court if they practice social distancing and outside of scheduled activities.  The basketball court schedule can be found under the schedules tab from the home page of the  website.


MAC’s racquetball community includes some of Virginia’s most devoted players.  Our racquetball program includes: five closed courts with glass fronts, LED lighting on courts suspended maple flooring, tournaments, socials, and stringing services. Members may borrow equipment from the front desk at no cost. MAC players meet regularly for competitive play at night Monday-Thursday, and they are always happy to have more players.


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Pickleball is a sport that originated as a combination of tennis, table tennis, and badminton. It allows for two, three, or four players. Pickleball is designed for all ages to play and is easy to learn, so everyone can participate. MAC offers free equipment use and structured play on

Monday, Wednesday 11 AM – 1 PM
Friday 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM
Members participate complimentarily.
These times are subject to change
and are temporary.
Pickleball…the sweet sport with a sour name.
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Sports Information

Our MAC sports facilities include indoor and outdoor pools, access to Huguenot Park running trail, and all of the following courts: college-dimension basketball, five indoor racquetball, 11 tennis (six indoor season), and two pickleball. MAC also hosts 5K races.


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