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MAC offers access to a variety of recreational and competitive sports. From tennis, basketball and racquetball courts to outdoor sports facilities, our club and staff cater to all levels of athletes, beginner to experienced, youth to adult.

At Midlothian Athletic Club, we offer a variety of sports you can indulge in for some fitness. Who doesn’t enjoy playing a quick game of basketball or racquetball on their break with their friends? Who doesn’t love exploring a new type of sport such as pickleball to get in shape? The best way to stay healthy and get in shape is picking an activity that you enjoy doing. For example, if you don’t like running, then why would you take the time to run when that’s not what you want to do at all? Why should you make exercising worse than it has to be?


By incorporating different types of fitness exercises into your regimen, you’ll look forward to exercising instead of viewing it as a chore. One way that you can get in some quality fitness time is to spend time playing sports. You’ll be able to smile when you walk into our fitness club and be ready to face whatever type of exercise regimen you’ve chosen that day. What’s even better when you pick something you enjoy doing, you can look forward to winning against your friends on the court. At MAC, we offer a variety of recreational and competitive sports. When you become a member at our athletic club, you’re able to enjoy access to a wide selection of sports.


Some of the sports we offer are tennis, basketball, racquetball courts, martial arts, and pickleball. We also offer outdoor sports facilities that our athletic club and staff ensure can be used to all types of levels of athletic skills. You don’t have to feel self-conscious about being a beginner working out with more experienced people. As an experienced athlete, you don’t have to worry about wondering if we’ll have the proper equipment to ensure you get a good workout in. No matter if you’re a youth or an adult, our sports facilities will cater to your needs.
If you’re interested in participating in our selection of enjoyable sports, then take the time to read a little about each option you have access to, so you can figure out the best route to staying in shape. After all, the best part about working out is finding an activity that you truly enjoy. Whether that is racquetball, basketball or even aquatics, it just matters that you enjoy what you’re doing to stay in shape. For more information on booking a court, take the time to contact our athletic club or become a member today to have access to many fitness options.

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MAC offers one, indoor, college-dimension basketball court for member use. Members may use the court at their leisure outside of the following structured activities: group fitness classes, birthday parties, and sports such as pickleball and pickup basketball games. Pick-up games are typically played Wednesday evenings, Saturday mornings, and Sunday afternoons. Please use the link below to view the most recent schedule of the basketball court usage. This schedule will show good times for families and friends to use the court for fitness fun. Please note, the schedule is subject to change due to inclement weather or other extenuating circumstance. MAC does offer basketballs for member use; members may check them out from the front desk at no cost.


View Basketball Schedule


MAC’s racquetball community includes some of Virginia’s best players. You could be the best too! Our racquetball program includes: five closed courts with glass fronts, LED lighting on courts one, two, and three, suspended maple flooring, tournaments, socials and stringing services. Members may borrow equipment from the front desk at no cost. MAC players meet regularly for competitive play at night Monday-Thursday, and they are always happy to have more players.


Martial Arts

Master Lorenzo Gibson teaches martial arts for children and adults of all ages. He balances traditional martial arts discipline with encouragement, guidance, and a joy of teaching, by creating a welcome environment where students can thrive. Children may begin as young as five years old! Tuition for martial arts is paid on a monthly basis, and there are no long-term contracts. For more information, visit masterlorenzogibsonsmartialarts.com or email lorenzo.gibson@comcast.net Classes run Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, along with Saturday afternoons.



The MAC holds our annual Trim the Turkey 5K on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and we invite our community at large to join us. Members may also use our facilities to train for their next marathon or other race, as running and racing have become quite a phenomenon here in Richmond.

2017 Trim the Turkey 5k Run/Walk and 1 Mile Kids’ Fun Run

Saturday November 25, 2017

Kids’ Fun Run starts at 8:30am

5k Run/Walk starts at 9am

Early bird registration, $5 off when registered before October 15th! Use the code, macrun.

Register online by clicking HERE

Register at the front desk by printing the PDF registration form and submitting with payment


trim the turkey



Pickleball is a sport that originated as a combination of tennis, table tennis, and badminton. It allows for two, three, or four players. Pickleball is designed for all ages to play and is easy to learn, so everyone can participate. MAC offers free equipment use and structured play on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings from 9:30am-noon. Members participate complimentary, guests pay $2. Pickleball…the sweet sport with a sour name.


Sports Information

Our MAC sports facilities include indoor and outdoor pools, access to Huguenot Park running trail and all of the following courts: college-dimension basketball, five indoor racquetball, 11 tennis (four indoor season) and two pickleball. MAC also hosts 5K races.

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