Tennis Clinics

Tennis Clinics

At Midlothian Athletic Club, we pride ourselves on offering a number of ways to workout. Whether you love basketball, aquatics, or group exercises, we’re able to offer you a wide variety of exercises to ensure you’re able to have an energizing workout. Working out is a great way to stay in shape and when you do exercises that you find enjoyable, then you’ll be much more likely to make exercise a habit.


Tennis is one of the many ways at Midlothian Athletic Club that you can get in a great workout. Tennis is a great activity for those who enjoy running, hitting the ball, and who want to get in a thorough workout that will leave you feeling rejuvenated. Hitting the ball, running around the court, and competing with another person will make you feel energized in a way other exercises may lack. It’s also a great game for those who may be a little more competitive. Tennis allows you to enjoy playing by yourself or with other people who enjoy the game as much as you do. With a tennis court that supports single games or doubles, you’ll be able to enjoy a fantastic workout when you come down to our courts to get in a game.


A tennis clinic is a group session with instruction to help you become a better tennis player. If you’re interested in becoming a better tennis player, then try out a tennis clinic to assist you in playing a better game. If you’re a competitive person and you want to bring your A game, then enrolling in our tennis clinic will give you that edge your competition may not have. In a tennis clinic, you’ll learn the proper instructions to follow, how to better your serve, and how to play more efficiently so you can wow your friends the next time that you play a game of doubles or singles. A tennis clinic can help those who have never played tennis before all the way to the more experienced players.


Our tennis clinic differs from others in the area because we offer an abundance of services geared toward tennis. We have a very strong emphasis on tennis at the Midlothian Athletic Club because we know how much people enjoy it. From tennis leagues to lessons, you’ll be able to have your choice of tennis related activities. For additional information about any of our other tennis options, don’t hesitate to contact us.


All clinics are taught by our certified tennis professionals who have trained players to State, Sectional, and National Levels. Our most current clinic information is available on our tennisbookings page, please click HERE to visit tennisbooksing.  Click below for more information about adult and junior clinics and schedules.  In order for a clinic to carry on as scheduled, there is a participation requirement.  Youth clinics require 3 participants minimum, and adult clinics require 2.

For further information on ALL tennis instruction and clinics and junior leagues and tournaments, please contact our head pro, Tom White at tom@macrichmond.com or 804-330-2222.

For further information about adult tournaments, leagues, and programs, please contact our tennis programs manager, Sandra Mason at tennismembers@macrichmond.com.

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