Tips To Help You Develop A Fitness Routine In The Fall

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Fall! It’s finally here and it’s beautiful. Even though we may be located in Virginia, that doesn’t mean we don’t get the beautiful foliage other places do. In Richmond, we still get to celebrate this gorgeous time of year with changing leaves, harvest festivals, and the ever increasing Halloween decorations on the shelves. One thing that fall does bring is the anticipation of the holiday season and winter. With the knowledge that the weather is getting colder and your sweet tooth more prominent, it’s a good idea to get on a good exercise regimen during the autumn instead of waiting until you have gained some winter weight. Get ahead of that already written out New Year’s Resolution of getting in shape and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Thankfully, you have a fitness club that’s right around the corner from your home that offers an abundance of different workouts you can enjoy. From strength training to yoga classes, you can enjoy pushing your body to the limits while becoming healthier. Even though it’s fall, that doesn’t mean you should forego your regimen or think that you don’t have to exercise because your clothing is bulkier.


Four Tips To Get Fit This Fall

Even though it’s beautiful outside and you keep telling yourself you’ll run through your neighborhood while your kids are in school, you keep turning on the TV or having lunch with friends instead. You continue to tell yourself you’ll do it later when in reality, you have no intention of working out even though you know you should. With school in session and your schedule ramping up with activities, getting in a workout is hard enough. However, it’s not going to get any easier with the holidays around the corner. Instead of waiting for the even busier time of the year, take the time now to incorporate these tips into your daily schedule to get on track for health and fitness.

Plan Ahead

The first tip we have for you is to plan ahead. When you schedule out your workouts and incorporate them into your schedule, you’re able to commit to going, instead of skipping it. By planning to go before you pick your children up from work or first thing in the morning, you’ll have an expected time each day that you’re going to exercise. When you have a specific time you exercise and you know where you’re going, you’ll stick to it because you get used to knowing you need to exercise at five am or five pm. By going consistently, when you skip it, you’ll find that your body and mind is wondering why you aren’t at the gym. If your schedule is just crazy because school is in session and you have to run a million different errands, then carry a gym bag in your car at all times so you’re ready when you have time.

Team Up With Friends Or Family Members

Another great tip is to team up to get in shape and become healthier with your loved ones. Losing weight is one of the most common goals people have. They want to be healthier, push the limits of what they can do, and become the best version of themselves. Talk to some of your loved ones and find out who will actually commit to spending time going to exercise once a day. When a loved one decides they’ll be your fitness buddy, you’ll find you actually look forward to going to workout because you can rely on the other person to push you. Let’s say that even though you love your workout, you just don’t want to go one day. Well, your buddy will push you to go and in the end, you’ll thank him or her for being your guidance toward becoming the best version of yourself. What’s neat is that at Midlothian Athletic Club, we offer an abundance of memberships for you to join with friends and family. Now, there’s no way you tell yourself you’ll do it another day when you are joined by a motivational buddy.

Set Specific Goals

Becoming healthy isn’t just about doing something every day to move you toward a better lifestyle. While that’s important, it’s also vital that you set specific goals for yourself. These don’t have to just be weight loss goals, but ones that will ramp up your strength. For instance, if you’re happy with your weight, but want to have more defined muscles, then set a goal for increasing your weight amount you use in aerobic exercises. You can also set goals for pushing yourself in Spinning® or you can try to run for a longer time on the treadmill. There are so many specific goals you can focus on from the more traditional route of losing weight to building strength and your endurance. You can set smaller goals such as getting to the gym at least five times a week or you can set larger ones by wanting to bench press twice your bodyweight. Additionally, when you set goals, make sure that you don’t let boredom get in the way of your aspirations. If you feel yourself getting bored, then mix up your exercises and remind yourself of why you’re striving for healthiness.

Find An Exercise Class Or Activity You Like

At Midlothian Athletic Club, we strive to offer an array of workout activities and to be a place you like coming to. If you’re one to enjoy aerobic classes, then we offer an abundance of those. If you love aquatics, then we have an indoor and an outdoor pool. If you enjoy personal training, then you can sign up with a personal trainer. We take into consideration what each of the members who come to our fitness center would like. We also strive to be a gym you feel comfortable coming to. By creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere and offering classes we know are an enjoyable way to get your fitness in, you’ll be likely to come back more and more until you realize you aren’t feeling like this is a chore, but something you love doing.

Take the time to get in shape this fall, so you’re ready for those delicious winter holiday dinners. For more information on staying in shape and tips for exercising in fall and winter, stay tuned for our next blog.

author: Jeff E


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