Carter is Richmond gal who loves cats, chocolate, Chris Pratt and, of course, fitness and wellness. She is extremely passionate about helping others due to her own personal experiences. She has lived with muscular and skeletal issues her whole life. She experienced broken bones, fascia problems and issues with hyper-mobility. She has always been active in sports such as soccer, volleyball, softball, running and spinning but had recurring injuries. Throughout the years with recurring injuries and surgeries, she learned through great health coaching and training that the body can be retrained by improved skeletal movement and corrective exercise. This philosophy and the insight gained through this process helped her rid her body of pain and led to injury prevention and a much higher quality of life. The lessons and techniques changed her life and led her on a path to educate others to learn how to improve their own health. She is proud to be a wellness and fitness professional who holds certifications as a PFT Health Coach™, ACE Personal Trainer and Mad Dogg Spinning®. She is grateful for every opportunity she has that elicits someone to smile. She looks forward to every day because she enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences to help motivate others to a healthier and higher quality of life.


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